We want to enable as many organisations as possible to join the good causes lottery under the 'Fareham Community Lottery'. As you will be joining under our overall gambling licence (Gambling Act 2005) we have to ensure that organisations meet certain criteria.

In order to be eligible as a Good Cause, your organisation must:

  • Be a non-profit making organisation, such as a charity, a club, a society, an association, a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise or a school.
  • Provide community activities or services within the Borough of Fareham, which are focused on benefitting the residents of Fareham
  • Have a formal constitution or set of rules (a copy to be emailed to One Community for review)
  • Have at least three unrelated people on the governing body or management committee
  • Have a UK-based bank or building society account in the name of your organisation requiring at least two signatories who are unrelated and do not live in the same address.
  • Be able to provide a set of accounts, or financial plans if you are a new organisation (a copy to be emailed to One Community for review)
  • Be open to all and allow anyone to join unless there is good reason why this is not appropriate.
  • Have a safeguarding policy if working with children, young people or vulnerable adults (a copy to be emailed to One Community for review. Templates and support also available from One Community)

We will not permit applications from:

  • Groups promoting a particular religious or political belief or activity, or a campaign that does not directly relate to the provision of community activities or services within Fareham
  • Organisations that do not work within the boundaries of the Borough of Fareham
  • Individuals
  • Trading or profit-making organisations
  • Organisations with no established management committee or board of trustees (unless a Community Interest Company)

There is no application fee required to become a good cause for the purpose of joining the Fareham Community Lottery.

We are unable to accept applications that are incomplete and reserve the right to reject any application.

We reserve the right to cease to license any organisation with a minimum of 7 days’ notice for any reason. If fraudulent or illegal activity is suspected, cessation will be immediate.